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Summer 4s is a fun small-sided football competition for ages 8 to 12. 


Teams of four players (plus subs) will play three games a week on Wednesday evenings at Memorial Park.  ​Our team will facilitate games with an emphasis on making them fun for everyone through fast-flowing football and lots of goals.


Get a team together or register as an individual and be part of some fun football this summer!


Find out more below.

about the competition

Summer 4s is a fun-focused small-sided football competition for ages 8 to 12.


Teams play three 15 minute games each week.

Four players per team are allowed on the field at a time, to ensure players get lots of touches of the ball and have plenty of room to move.  Substitutions can be made throughout the games - so we recommend having one or two subs to help keep the team fresh.​

We've got some awesome spot prizes up for grabs for things like X-factor skills, best team-goals, best team kit and fun goal celebrations.


​Detailed game rules are set out further down this page.

age groups

The Leagues are split into an U10s league and an U12s league:


U10's League - eligible age groups:

2013* / 2014 / 2015 born players

U12's League - eligible age groups:

2011 / 2012 / 2013* born players

*2013s can register for either the U10s or U12s league.


Register a team: register a team of between 5 and 6 players online using the link at the top of this page.

Register an individual: Can’t get a team together? You can register as an individual and we’ll put you in a team.

Cost: $100 per team (that’s $3 per week per player in a team of 4!!) or $25 per individual.


This helps us cover the cost of equipment and coaches to facilitate the games.

Get in quick: Registrations close on Monday October 16!

competition schedule



  • The competition runs from Wednesday November 8 to December 13.

  • Games are played between 5:00pm and 6:00pm.



Games are played at Memorial Park.

Weekly fixtures

Fixtures for your team's games will be made available online, and circulated by email, each week.


You decide what your team wears.

Create a team theme based off your league and/or your  team's name - even something as simple as all wearing the same colour.  We will provide bibs where necessary.

Players should wear football boots and shin guards.

competition structure

Teams will compete on ‘odd’ weeks for the league competition playing three games each night on weeks 1,3,5. Games on the night will be 12 minutes each game.


Teams will compete on ‘even’ weeks in a ladder competition playing a series of games on the night. The winning team is the team that ends up at the top of the ladder at the end of the night. This will take place on weeks 2,4,6. Games will be 7 minutes long each.



Over the 6 weeks there will be small spot prizes for teams and players. Although scores will be kept. There is no trophy or big hoorah for the winning team.


Usual football rules apply, except as set out below.



  • Your team should arrive at the venue before the time your team is scheduled to play.  Team managers must check in with the League Coordinator on arrival. 

  • Teams not available to play within 5 minutes of the scheduled start time will be defaulted. 


Match duration 

  • LEAGUE COMPETITION - Matches are 15 minutes long (two halves of 7 minutes plus a 1 minute half time). There will be a 5 minute gap between games.

  • LADDER COMPETITION - Matches are 7 minutes long. There will be a 3 minute gap between games.


  • Four players on the field at any time. Mixed teams (male/female) are permitted.



  • Rolling subs (i.e. substitutions may be made throughout the game). The substituted player must leave the field prior to the substitute coming on. 

  • Goal keepers may be swapped when the ball is out of play and once the referee has been advised. 




  • There are no Goalkeepers in this league.


  • Goalkeepers may only handle the ball if it is inside the goal box.  The goalkeeper may not handle the ball from an intentional pass back (except headers). The goal keeper may leave the goal box, but is then treated as an outfield player until returning to the goal box.

  • When the ball is thrown or kicked by the goal keeper, the ball must make contact with a player or the ground before crossing the halfway line.  A free kick will be awarded to the opposition team at halfway if this does not occur.

Ball out of play

  • Play is restarted with a goal kick or corner when the ball goes out behind the goal, or a kick in when the ball goes out on the sideline.

  • For all restarts, opposing players must be 3 meters from the ball. 

  • Play must be restarted within 10 seconds of the ball being available to restart play.  

Goal Scoring

  • A goal may be scored from anywhere on the field (except when played over half way by the goal keeper or directly from an out of play restart).

Free kicks and penalties

  • No slide tackles allowed - the referee will award a free kick for slide tackles or dangerous tackles.

  • Penalties are taken from the edge of the penalty area and on the referee's signal. The goal keeper must be positioned on the goal line.

  • Advantage will be played where possible. 



  • There are no offsides except from kickoff. 

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