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Our Term 4 TDP programme consists of one training session per week plus scheduled games, over a six-week period. Players will get the experience of working with a variety of our Petone coaching team, led by Ryan Edwards.

who can sign up?

All current TDP players from Petone F.C.

Players from outside Petone F.C. can sign up too, but we ask that they contact Ryan first so he can provide the relevant information.

when and where

START DATE: October 31st. This is a
6-week programme.

FINISH DATE: 5th December

DAY & TIME: Mondays, 5 - 6:30pm

LOCATION: Petone Memorial Park

age groups

We will look to run two to three training groups and we will allocate players to groups on arrival at sessions.

Eligible age groups:

2005* / 2006* / 2007 / 2008 / 2009 / 2010

*2005 / 2006 are eligible to train with our Seniors too.


$60 per player

We have kept the cost of this programme low (below-cost) to ensure maximum accessibility for all players for post-season football.

the trainings


Session 1: X-spam - players will be taken through when and how to dominate a game with 1-2 touch team passing.

Session 2: Tempo - players will work on when and how to speed the game up to outplay opponents.

Session 3: X-factor - players will be taken through how to build x-factor into the team game.

Session 4: The ‘Henry’ Finishing Technique - players will be taken through how to shoot/finish with a composed technique.

Session 5: Long range shooting Technique - players will be taken through how to shoot f rom distance with power and accuracy.

Session 6: The ‘cutback’ moment - players will be taken through how to attack and defend in the penalty box.

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