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Tournament Updates

Powerex Hilton Petone Tournament Updates 11/03


Hi Everyone,

Apologies for this coming out late but a lot of re-organising to work through given all the disruptions. The following has been decided:

  • The Division One postponed QF Wellington Olympic v Western Suburbs A will be played this week (giving Tawa A a bye)

  • The winner of that game will play Tawa A in the SF on 20 March

  • The winner of the Division One SF Waterside Karori A v Petone A will have a bye next weekend

  • The Division One Final will be played either mid-week or on Easter Monday (as will Division Two)

  • Lower Hutt City B v Victoria University is a division cross-over friendly given Douglas Villa having pulled out

  • Results have been allocated for all postponed games based on earlier advice on defaults and where both teams couldn’t play. Thanks to all involved for their understanding around this.

Given all the changes, including cross over friendlies, I’ve added a Weekly Draw tab in the spreadsheet to make it easier to see all the scheduled matches this weekend.

All quarter final, semi final and plate games will be 45 minute halves and 5 non rolling substitutes. The four remaining Division Two group games remain 3 x 30 minute thirds and 7 rolling subs. Friendly games are flexible depending on both teams agreeing with the referee beforehand but the default option is 45 minute halves and 5 non rolling substitutes.


Thanks for keeping me informed of Covid cases. If there is any doubt around potential cases and concerns about fielding a team this weekend then please contact me urgently. Please err on the side of caution rather than take unnecessary risks.

Thanks and regards


Powerex Hilton Petone Tournament Updates 09/02


Hi Everyone,

Following on from the New Zealand Football Covid-19 Protection Framework released last week, we have implemented the following for the Tournament:

My Vaccine Pass (MVP)

  • All players and team officials must have a valid MVP to participate. Given that this is a requirement for the season proper it is beneficial to get into the habit now of managing this within clubs.

  • Whilst MVP will be built into the registration process in Comet for the season ahead, we do not have the capability currently to manage this for the Tournament, hence the flagging earlier for clubs to be proactive in this area.

  • Can each participating club therefore please:

  • Ensure that all players and officials hold a valid MVP

  • Reply to this email as soon as is practicable as a confirmation that this requirement has been met

  • Spectators are also required to have a MVP to allow us the maximum number of people (100) per playing pitch. Spot checks will be carried out

QR Codes

  • These will be displayed around the grounds. At Memorial Park the QR Codes for #2 and #4 pitches will be on the turf fence facing the pitches.

  • Please ask all participants to scan the QR codes

  • We will also use each MIS as a contact tracing record so please ensure these are legible

Changing Facilities

To avoid the intermingling of teams in internal spaces we have had to introduce temporary changing facilities at Memorial Park as follows:

  • Turf – main changing rooms can be used

  • #4 Pitch – two marquees will be erected for teams to use. Please ask players to go directly to the marquees rather than wait by the changing rooms. On Sundays gear will need to be taken out of the marquees during the game to allow teams from the next game to change

  • #2 Pitch – two changing “rooms” will be set up in the gymnasium (ground floor of clubrooms, access from front opposite the turf). On Sundays gear will need to be taken out during the game to allow teams from the next game to change

  • Given the weather forecast this weekend we may need to come up with some other alternatives on the day so please bear with us

  • Referees – use normal room

  • Showers – the staggered start times will allow teams using #2 and #4 to access the main changing rooms for a quick shower after the game if required. This, however, will have to be carefully controlled by the Petone FC Ground Manager so we respectfully ask for patience to be shown whilst we manage this as effectively as we can

  • Toilets – the toilets at the western end of the changing rooms will be open for teams from the grass pitches to use. Also the Sladden Park toilets over the stopbank are available

Maidstone Park should not be an issue given only two games each week and separate changing rooms

Petone FC Bar

  • We have decided not to open the bar during the Tournament


We’re sure that there will be general understanding of the lengths we’re having to go to to be able to run the Tournament effectively but we do please ask to make all players and officials aware of all of the above to avoid unnecessary angst and hassles. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Good luck for the Tournament!



Powerex Hilton Petone Tournament Updates 14/03


Hi Everyone,

Attached are the results from the weekend and the remaining draw. We’ve somehow managed to get through the bulk of the tournament and play alternative games for the cancelled ones wherever possible. For all but the 7 remaining teams the tournament is now finished so we hope it’s been useful for all participants. Thanks to everyone for keeping me posted on Covid status and between us managing and re-arranging fixtures. It hasn’t been easy for anyone!

This weekend there are three games with one Division One finalist having already been found:

Sat 19/3    2.30 pm    M1    Wellington Olympic    v    Tawa A    Division One SF

Sun 20/3    2.30 pm    M1    Waterside Karori B    v    Lower Hutt City C    Division Two SF

Sun 20/3    12.30 pm    M1    Petone C    v    Stop Out B    Division Two SF


All semi final games are 45 minute halves and 5 non rolling substitutes and straight to penalties if required.

The two Finals will be played on either Easter Monday or midweek depending upon the teams involved and what can be scheduled.

Thanks and regards


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