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The Powerex Tournament for the Hilton Petone Cup traces its roots to an end of season friendly junior competition proposed by Petone club member Jack Evans. Club administrator, Otto Hilton, championed a new senior tournament and in 1955 the Hilton Petone Cup was born. The winners of the first competition were Miramar Rangers who beat Petone 3-1 in a replay after the first game was drawn 1 all. In 1972 the competition was changed to a pre-season tournament, with a round robin group stage and a knock out competition.


The Powerex tournament for the Hilton Petone Cup will start on the weekend of 10/11 February for Division 2, and 17/18 February for Division 1.


Finals will be held on the weekend of 23/24 March.


Two artificial pitches will be used – Memorial Park and Maidstone Park, and two grass pitches at Petone as required.


On the entry form please state the number of teams and the division that you wish to enter. Division One entries will be limited.

To enable early communication around the final format it would also be helpful to advise by email asap your club’s intention to enter as soon as possible please. Any feedback on the format is also welcome.

Entry form to be completed and scanned and emailed back to Andy Badrick at and Direct Credit the amount to our bank account.

Entries close Friday 20 January 2024.

format / rules

Group Games and Friendlies: Three 30 x minute thirds shall be played with two x 7 minute breaks between thirds. Normal 45 minute halves can be played if agreed between the referee and the two teams before the start of the match.

Teams are allowed to use up to seven rolling substitutes during a game. All endeavours should be made to make substitutions during the two x 7 minute breaks where possible to limit the amount of stoppages.


Knockout Games: Two equal halves of 45 minutes shall be played with a 15 minute  halftime break. The duration of play and the taking of penalty kicks at the completion of extra time shall follow FIFA rules (as applied to the Chatham Cup Competition) except that there will be no extra time played. In all games (including the finals), if there is a draw at the end of normal time, teams will go into a penalty shoot-out.

Teams are allowed to use up to five substitutes during a game (not rolling).

The full tournament rules can be found here.


​The entry fee is $500 plus GST per team. For this you get organised games and match officials with three point control for Division One.

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