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Craig Deadman

Elected 2019

Craig has been with the club since 1993 when he became manager of the 3rd team, so around 25 years involvement.

During that time, he has made significant contributions in Committee related administration over an extensive period of time through his role as Chairman of the Club. He played an active role in the wider Football Community through his association with Capital Football.

Through coaching and managing both the Men’s reserves and 3rd teams over a number of years, Craig also represented the club in the media and undertook significant work behind the scenes that is usually taken for granted.

In addition, Craig has also been a player at the Club and was part of the establishment of the Armanis and played for them for several seasons. Up until 2016 (when he had a major heart attack) he was a very active club member in all aspects of the club and is well respected.

Craig had over 7 years involvement as a coach and manager, firstly managing the 3rd team for two years before taking over the coaching from 1995 – 1998, which was a successful period for that team including winning the Venus Shield on three occasions. Craig also coached the Men’s reserves in 1999 and 2000 and co-coached the Under 19 team in 2000.

Craig was elected onto the Management Committee member in 2004 and became the Deputy Chair. The following year he was elected Chairman, a role he held for 12 years. This role is not to be underestimated and during that time he led a Management/Executive Committee that not only kept the club profile high, but maintained the clubs very strong in reputation, as well as developing a financially stable club which increased in player numbers and development – both in the junior and women’s game.

Craig was involved in various Capital Football committees over the years, particularly the Artificial Turf Working Party and the Men’s Advisory Group for four years, and more recently he was appointed to the Capital Football Board.

The fact that Craig has been involved in the wider Football Community speaks volumes of his commitment to contributing to Football but also a reflection of both this and the Clubs reputation.

Craig has slowly returned to a level of involvement in the club taking over the Under 19 raffle and organising Old Timers Day following the passing of Life Member and club stalwart Steve Minogue. He also took over the organisation of the Senior Prizegiving in 2019.

Craig’s Saturday afternoon announcements were also an area he excelled in and helped foster the great club atmosphere up here in the John Bradbury Lounge.

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