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Registrations for the 2023 winter season are open now.


TDP trainings start on 31 January.

Season starts 22/23 April.

Season ends 2/24 September.

No games in middle week of school holidays.


Youth Football is for players born in 2010 to 2006 (i.e. turning 13 - 17 in 2023).

  • Under 13 players (born 2010) transition to playing on full sized fields with 11-a-side teams, on Saturday mornings (or Sundays if participating in TDP).


  • Under 15 players (born 2009 and 2008) play on Saturday mornings (or Sundays if participating in TDP).

  • Under 17 players (born 2007 and 2006) play in the Under 17 league, with games on Sunday mornings.

About games

Games are 11-a-side (including a goalkeeper).  Teams usually have approximately 14-16 players.  Teams play one 60 minute (U13s), 70 minute (U15s) or 90 minute (u17s) game each Saturday/Sunday.


This year Capital Development Leagues (U13, U15 & U17 TDP teams) will all be played on Sundays. Most of the other divisions in U13 and U15 grades will continue to play on Saturdays.

The time and location for each week’s game is determined by a draw published by Capital Football, which can be found here.

You can find details on Wellington region ground locations here

About trainings

Training dates and times will vary depending on the team you play for. Generally, teams will train twice per week.

All TDP teams competing in the Capital Development Leagues will train three times per week. The Term 2 & 3 training schedule is below:

  • Tuesday - U13/U15s at 5.30-6.30pm, U17s at 6.45am-8am

  • Wednesday - U17s at 5.30-7pm

  • Thursday - U13/U15s at 5.30-6.30pm

  • Friday U13/U15s at 5-6pm, U17s at 6-7.30pm

When and where?


Key dates


Season start:  Saturday 29 April (TDP Sunday 23 April)
Season end:  Saturday 23 September (TDP Sunday 24 September; U17s Sunday 15 October, subject to National Youth League qualification)


Games:  Saturday/Sunday mornings at a time and location depending on the weekly draw published by Capital Football.

Trainings: See details above.

School holiday break


Football runs on the first and last weekend of the school holidays, but we take a break for Easter weekend (if it falls during the season) and the middle weekend of the school holidays.​

What gear do you need?


Non-TDP Players need to have their own:

  • Plain navy shorts.

  • Navy football socks.

  • Football boots.

  • Shin pads. 

TDP players are provided with some or all gear for game days. Please check with your coach/grade manager for more information.


Football boots and shin pads can be bought from most sports stores and off TradeMe. Socks and shorts can be purchased from Football Central or from most sports retailers in Wellington. 

The club provides each team with the following gear at the beginning of the season (all of which must be returned at the end of the season):

  • Navy Petone FC playing tops (1 per player).

  • Bibs.

  • A player of the day trophy and certificates.

  • Balls and cones.