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We are not currently taking new registrations for the 2024 winter season, as all teams have been allocated and are at capacity.

You can join our registration waitlist below, and we'll let you know if space becomes available.


Skill Builders sessions start on 20 February

FDP and Settlers trainings start on 22 February.

Season starts 4 May.

Season ends 31 August.​


When and where?

Junior Football is for children born in 2015 to 2012 (i.e. turning 9 - 12 in the 2024 calendar year). Your child's 'grade' is based on their age - for example children who turn 9 in 2024 will be in grade 9.

Junior players are placed into teams at the start of the season. Teams then play games on Saturday mornings at locations throughout the Wellington region, according to a published weekly draw.  Team trainings take place during the week.

More information is set out below.

Detailed information packs:  download the information pack for your child's grade for detailed information about how this season will work (downloads a PDF):

Options for girls: junior girls have several options for playing football:

  • Girls-only league: open to players from age 7 up and teams play on a Sunday morning.  More information can be found here.

  • Mixed football: girls play in teams with boys and girls (information on this page).

  • Mixed and Girls only: girls can select both mixed and girls-only meaning they play both Saturday and Sunday.

Juniors Day:  Date TBC. Come along and ask your questions about the upcoming season, register, play some fun games of football, enjoy a sausage sizzle/drinks. Football Central will be selling team gear and later the bar will be open for the Central League Men’s team game from 2.00pm.

About Saturday games

For grades 9 and 10, seven players are allowed on the field at a time (including a goalkeeper). Teams usually have 9-10 players. Teams play two 25 minute games each Saturday (one after the other at the same venue).

For grades 11 and 12, nine players are allowed on the field at a time (including a goalkeeper). Teams usually have 11-12 players. Teams play one 50 minute game each Saturday.

The time and location for each week’s game(s) is determined by a draw published by Capital Football, which can be found here.

You can find details on Wellington region ground locations here

About team trainings

Players participate in a parent led training after school once a week. Alternatively, you can choose to sign up for our Football Development Programme (FDP) which will offer two trainings a week and additional coaching support.  You can indicate your interest in the FDP when registering for the season.

Traditional football (the default)

Team trainings will be led by a parent coach from each team. Turn
up to your team training and the weekly Saturday morning game. Play with your friends, meet new friends, and enjoy some fun football on the weekend.

Football Development Programme - Grades 9 & 10

Our FDP is for passionate & committed players who want to maximise their skill development. Players are committing to two trainings a week and a competitive game on the weekend. Trainings will be led by a volunteer coach with support from Club staff. Parents are committing to taking on a small support role within the team environment. An additional fee applies.

Settlers Programme - Grades 11 & 12

Our Settlers Programme is for passionate & committed players who want to maximise their skill development. Players are committing to two trainings a week and a competitive game on the weekend. One training is led by a volunteer coach and the other by club staff. An additional fee applies.

More information about the options available to you this season is available in the information packs available from the overview section above.

When and where?


Key dates


Season start:  Saturday 4 May

Season end:  Saturday 31 August


Games:  Saturday mornings (and occasionally Friday evenings) at a time and location depending on the weekly draw published by Capital Football.

Trainings: See details above.

School holiday break


Football runs on the first and last weekend of the school holidays, but we take a break for Easter weekend (if it falls during the season) and the middle weekend of the school holidays.

School Holiday and Summer Programmes


The club runs a popular school holiday programme, and summer programmes during terms 1 and 4.  We would love to see your child involved! More information can be found on the "Programmes" page here.

What gear do you need?


Players need to have their own:

  • Plain navy shorts.

  • Navy football socks.

  • Football boots.

  • Shin pads. 


Football boots and shin pads can be bought from most sports stores and off TradeMe. Socks and shorts can be purchased from Football Central or from most sports retailers in Wellington. 

The club provides each team with the following gear at the beginning of the season (all of which must be returned at the end of the season):

  • Navy Petone FC playing tops (1 per player).

  • Bibs.

  • A player of the day trophy and certificates.

  • Balls and cones.